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About me

My name: Hafez Jamadiul IslamAddress: Makorsi, Sunapur, Balagong, Sylhet
Occupation: Madrasah Teachers and Online Outsourcing, Blogger.

I am a common man, my patience is very low, I like laughing gags, always try to be harmonious with people, I like online jobs and very interesting to me.

I have been serving the Quran in the Hifaz division of a historic Qawmi Madrasa. If there is a fair idea about online, then write some Islamic posts for the promotion of religion. So that even though the knowledgeable people about Islamic knowledge can easily acquire Islamic knowledge easily. If a man is to run his life for Islam till his death, the knowledge that is required for Islam, Insha-Allah can achieve this knowledge on the web site, if it is always with the site, and this site is an Islamic web site. This site will only write Islamic posts. I pray to Allah, that we should all learn and understand the Islamic knowledge more and more, Amin.

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