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Why observe thirty fast nights


থার্টি ফার্স্ট নাইট

Dear brother, that night at twelve o’clock when you were flying ‘money’ in the sky from the roof of the house;

Rather, if you were burning, maybe a Bani Adam lying on the side of the road under your house was shivering in the cold for lack of clothes!

Seeing your flying lantern, the hungry child asked the helpless on the sidewalk, what is the fire in the sky,

mother? You are a free man. You can rejoice. So you will burn ‘money’ in the sky without any achievement or logical occasion?

If the arrival of the new year is an occasion of joy, then the end of the year is not a cause of sadness?

Have you ever cried at the end of the year? I don’t have to answer. Please put the question to your own conscience.

is one. Don’t waste it in ridicule, come to the path of beauty, the path of welfare.

Before the Lord, one day you have to stand and give account of every small work of life.

is not such a worthless thing that the precious moments of life will be wasted in trivial rather useless work! Sheikh Ahmadullah.

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